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geoge patti bite
Posted by 749_penny_lane on 2007.08.23 at 21:20
With Melody Clark's departure from fandom in general and this community in particular, is there a plan for anyone to actually post anything here? While I read J/P slash, I don't generally write it.  Anyone else? 

I'm one of the new mods

Posted by kahendorphins on 2007.07.25 at 10:40
Current Mood: amusedamused
I've been told by Mel to run this exactly the way she would have.  I don't mess with her.  She's a bitch when she wants to be. :)

I'm Kah which stands fo Kahlua, which is the name of my cat.  I don't drink anything but water, tea, and the occasional soda.

nothing is written in stone

Shout out for another co-mod

Posted by melodyclark on 2007.07.23 at 23:01
Current Mood: happyhappy
I've already asked IrishMacca to be one of the moderators and I'd like to find another to help her. I'll be paying for the membership that'll give you guys the full range of stuff, but as I've said via email to a couple of you, I am stepping back from every fandom but a couple of them frequented by fanosaurs and even that participation will be off-line.

I've taken VJL off-line and it won't be going back on. I'll not be writing anything else in this fandom. This isn't a drama queen thing but a careful, thoughtful choice based not only on events over the last few days but recent trends in online fandom. Writers are drawing a lot of hatred from a lot of quarters. I'm stepping back from the line of fire.

If you'd be able to serve as moderator (I'd also be handing over the other group I started), let me know here or via email. Thanks.

BTW, Jane, I will have notes to you shortly about what you sent!

lucy in the sky

An extended reply to melodyclark's question for the group mind

Posted by minds_opaque on 2007.07.23 at 13:36
Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative

The Sociology of Slash Lite
(x-posted from my personal journal)

The prevalence of slash in fic communities that I mentioned in my journal reflects a fairly wide acceptance of the idea that certain Beatles, especially John and Paul, were in love.  But a number of people within slash communities have voiced some discomfort with explicit sex in stories, preferring what I call "slash lite."  Basically, it's okay for two Beatles to have feelings for each other, but one must assume that they were too conflicted to ever act on it in any way, especially, gasp, having sex.  Not surprisingly, a number of people found these conflicting attitudes perplexing.  Time for some completely unfounded, unresearched speculation!

But before we launch into this discussion, I'd like to take a moment to define this term I've been throwing around everywhere, "slash lite." 

Defining slash liteCollapse )

Okay.  So why is slash lite widely accepted, but regular slash not?

Some possible explanationsCollapse )

I've often seen homophobia cited as an explanation, but I think, at least among people who identify themselves as slashers, the attidues are more complicated and interesting.  I'm sure there are more explanations I've overlooked, but hopefully this'll provide a good starting point for discussion.  Any slash-lite afficianados (sp) or puzzled fanosaurs want to weigh in?

Irish Macca, how about giving us a link to your story or reposting it here? I haven't read it in awhile. The same goes out to our other gifted folk.

nothing is written in stone

Question for the group mind

Posted by melodyclark on 2007.07.21 at 00:27
Current Mood: workingworking
In all the crap over the last two days, one theme has cropped up again and again -- explicitness in slash fic. I'm an old fanosaur from back in the day and the only kind of slash we had back then WAS explicit slash. In fact, balls to the wall explicit slash. We were often very avant garde back then, so I've just become accustomed to pushing the outside of the envelope with that.

The last couple of days, I keep hear about my slash (and slash in general, I'd guess) being "Too explicit". Is that a modern thing and is it widespread?

db paul

About those David Bailey pics ...

Posted by irishmacca on 2007.07.20 at 23:51
Current Mood: curiouscurious
So the more I look at those sultry pictures of John and Paul taken during the David Bailey photo session, the more I'm convinced that they were messing with peoples' heads -- taking the masks off, secure in the knowledge that no one would believe what was plainly written on their faces, and in their body language.

Read more...Collapse )

nothing is written in stone

One possibility

Posted by melodyclark on 2007.07.18 at 17:58
Current Mood: contentcontent
It seems like the invitation system is still buggy. I tried to invite my friend Rob and she hasn't received it in three hours. Here's an idea --

I've created an "enigmatic" journal. :) It has no description beyond "nothing" and no other identifying information. No one would find us in the directory. What say we post to this one and use the other for those seeking J/P info. If they email us and pass muster, then they'll get the secret URL. If someone joins who has not been okayed firsthand (or if we don't know them), we can email them the rules and then delete them, suggesting they go through the entry process.

Isn't it ridiculous we have to go through this kind of annoying stuff?

Anyway, I put Lennon McCartney through an anagram program and got Mannerly Connect. lol


Take a look and lmk ideas, thoughts, etc.

nothing is written in stone

Okay, here's what I'm thinking

Posted by melodyclark on 2007.07.18 at 14:55
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
I'm going to try sending out the invitations again. If someone can email me people who'd like to join at melody @ melarry.com (obviously, stick all that together), I'll try the invite system again. If it's working now, I'll restrict access and require some kind of upfront request.

The old Macca_l way (to keep out the bashers and there were many) had us recommend people to the group. Others could apply and then explain in 50 words or less, that kind of thing. What does everyone think of that idea?

As soon as I'm sure the invite system is working (IrishMacca, did you EVER receive the invitation?), I'll restrict us.

lucy in the sky

Vaguely historical question

Posted by minds_opaque on 2007.07.16 at 20:07
Current Mood: worriedworried
Current Music: Live at the BBC

Okay, here goes.

If we suppose the existence of an acknowledged sexual relationship between John and Paul (as opposed to general sexual tension, acknowledged or unacknowledged), when did it begin?  A brief look around jpslashsource and an acquaintance with various songs suggest a number of possible answers.

Four possibilitiesCollapse )

Please let me know if I am shamelessly skewing any quotes or misinterpreting songs.  It's certainly possible.  :) 

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